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Mason Bee Nest, Home, and Habitat Catalog

Result of osmia lignaria or the mason bee pollinating apple

To the growers of Asteraceae, Rosaceae, & Ericaceae crops:

For over a decade, has been improving fruit and seed set throughout Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and California by introducing various native bee species (non-honey bee) into commercial and residential growing operations. For pollination services with native bees, to conduct research & development with crop pollination, or to conduct biological experiments, please call Kimball Clark, owner, at 801-458-0282, or send us an email.

Crops of interest for the 2021 season include:

Our goal is to obtain the bee species that best specializes in pollinating your crop, provide a management system for it, and quantify your crop success. Many of our projects are under research and development, and some offered at no cost to the grower.

Rates are based on the native bees and habitats available between December and June of each year. As Summer approaches each year, our quantity of innovative reusable mason bee habitats and Osmia and Megachile bees run out—so place your order sooner than later, at 801-458-0282.


Kimball Clark
Native Bee Nerd
Kaysville, Utah

Osmia ribifloris in blueberries Result of Osmia ribifloris, or the blueberry bee, pollinating blueberries. Photo taken by Joe Dlugo of Bee Safari